We are EyeQ Tech (www.eyeq.tech), the most notable computer-vision startup in Vietnam (won Startup Wheel Championship, Vietnam Everywhere Initiative and Rice Bowl award for best e-commerce startup). We are on the mission to inject intelligence into what doesn’t have it, from retail, advertising, banking to healthcare, robotics. What we do exactly? We build a face recognition system. Imagine you walk into the bank, you don’t have to pull out ID card, but the staff still recognizes who you are and welcome you, then give everything you need to sign the moment you sit down, no time wasted. Here at EyeQ Tech, we welcome bold and young talents joining us to bring about awesome projects!
 Why you should join us?
  • Competitive allowance: 300 – 900$ (depends on your level of skill)
  • Opportunities to work with 2 PhDs in Computer Science from New South Wales, Autralia
  • Opportunities to work with large-scale products with a diverse range of customers from all industries: advertising, hospitality, restaurant & hotel, F&B – coffee shop chains…
  • Young and energetic start-up environment
  • Teambuilding 2 times/year, play station, table tennis, rooftop beer party every week, coffee and snacks are always available in our pantry
  • Training: At EyeQ, we motivate our staffs to stay update with the new knowledge and technology, therefore we are willing to pay for courses at VietAI, Udemy, Coursera or other events
Preferred Skills and Experience:
  • Experienced in coding and scaling Backend services using Python and NodeJS.
  • Scripting Skills: Strong scripting in Python or NodeJs and automation skills.
  • Algorithm and data structure knowledge: know how to optimize your code, for e.g: write O(nlogn) algo, rather than O(n2)
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.
  • Background in Data Science, AI or Machine Learning is a plus.
So, if you
➡ Are self-motivated
➡ Are fresh graduate and looking for a long-term working environment
➡ Want to work and learn from super-challenging problems
➡ Are able to learn new things super-fast
⚠️Kindly send your CV via email : recruitment@eyeq.tech before 5/6/2019

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